THC Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Delicious, Soft & Chewy “Strong” 200mg THC by Kuziluvit
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THC Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Delicious, Soft & Chewy “Strong” 200mg THC by Kuziluvit



200mg THC  Chocolate Chip Cookies ..
LOL..These are killer
Feedback  before was scary and now…it’s just perfect!!
These are the Softer and Chewy version of our Chocolate Chip Cookies

Each Delicious  &  Potent Cookie is hand made with love to the highest quality.
These pack a higher 200mg THC dose for a lower cost.


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Dose: 200 mg THC per Cookie

Uses: Insomnia | Stress | Pain | Appetite Loss | Anxiety | Nausea | Depression

WARNING: Please keep away from children

Ingredients: Flour, chocolate chips, vanilla, salt, eggs, white sugar, baking soda,  THC Extract, MCT Oil, butter

Active Ingredients: THC

Directions: The product comes in 1 piece. First-time users should take 1/8 to a 1/4 of the piece.
Allow 60 minutes for full effect, before considering any additional doses.
Take with food for best results.
Always start low and go slow

Storage Instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place. (fridge)

8 reviews for THC Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Delicious, Soft & Chewy “Strong” 200mg THC by Kuziluvit

  1. weedrocket

    So ya those cookies are pretty potent. We didn’t realize until hour later how high we were. Lol. We were talking and next thing you know it was 4 hours later and we didn’t even smoke weed we were so high. Lol

  2. kuziluvit

    I really like these cookies for a after dinner snack. They really help me to sleep. Zzzzzzz very potent and tasty.

  3. Mike Roy

    These cookies are fantastic. Great for after dinner to help me sleep. Yummmm zzzzzzz

  4. Mark Green

    I’ve been looking for cookies like these for a long time !!
    I found the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow !
    Want to feel how Barney looks ? These will do it !
    Want a good night sleep ??? BINGO !!!!
    Heaven isn’t a half pipe , heaven is in these cookies!!!

  5. robyn

    I like these cookies with my coffee get a nice body high. I like to have one before I go for a brisk walk.

    200mg is a good amount of THC for a nice high
    And Top it off its a good Choc Chip Cookie

  6. Ron E

    Oh Man this a good cookie and the high is crazy I didnt have to have a toot.
    And it was a slow start then all of a sudden I felt good really good high.

  7. nate

    This cookie is great. I broke off pieces to eat before winding down for the night.
    High was nice and strong perfect for relaxing or watching a great show. The cookie itself tasted great, exactly like a regular cookie!

  8. Sean Crawford (verified owner)

    My partner usually only eats half a night and it gets her good and high, Can be hit or miss on the strength we find.

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