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This Flower is GASSY, CAKED & STICKY

IDH – THC: to 26%    CBG: 1% 

Gas Face is an Indica weed strain that makes you feel creative, relaxed, and uplifted. Gas Face has 26% THC and 1% CBG. The dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene.

Despite its strong sedative effects, the Gas Face strain is best in the afternoon. It is due to Indica characteristics, which boost the brain when the body is calm. Often, consumers report heavy and deep relaxation, as well as sleepiness, which leads to an increased mental focus. You may also be overtaken by a strong feeling of hunger, which will not stop until the very end of the high, so it is worth stocking up on food in advance.

Because of these effects, weed can help you deal with insomnia and anorexia, as well as relieve stress and arthritis. Be careful, though, because, despite its moderate potency, marijuana can have long-term effects. One or two breaths are enough for an incredible high.

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1 review for Gas Face AAA++ GASSY, CAKED, STICKY

  1. Robyn

    Gas Face nice sticky buds made nice smooth slow burning but potent dubie.
    Had to stop half way through seemed to take forever to finish. Got a good high from half a Dube.
    So we went to Duffin Donuts and got some Foodie Goodies.
    Back home to finish the Dube and eat and be merry
    Excellent choice I made to try this strain .


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