Watermelon (IDH) AAAA
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Watermelon (IDH) AAAA



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our Watermelon.. has  impressive denser buds..
VERY STICKY and a very strong dreamy delicious aroma.

(IDH) ~ Rare, Exotic, Delicious Taste, Fantastic Aroma, Real Potent, Sticky and smooth 

Photos will be updated soon( very similiar)

(19 customer reviews)

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Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa  THC: to 29%

Rare, Exotic, Delicious Aroma, Potent, “Sticky & Tasty”… 

Calming, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, UpliftingFlavors
Fruity, Grape, Herbal, Sweet, TropicalAromas
Dank, Fruity, Pungent, Tropical

May Relieve
Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Stress

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Weight 450 g

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19 reviews for Watermelon (IDH) AAAA

  1. leroy.2590 (verified owner)

    10/10 This flower is a amazing. Excellent smell and excellent taste as advertised. Too bad im pretty sure i will get the last of this batch. 🙂 this strain is a must have. I will definetly be on the look out for a fresh batch.

  2. pgc7000

    an all around great bud strain, the smell is of true watermelon and it taste superb. Smokes like a dream too, sure to please even the very seasoned smoker. I will be buying it again for sure.

  3. Lochann007 (verified owner)

    Smells great slight hit of watermelon smokes great and was totally worth the price will be getting again

  4. TorinP (verified owner)

    Watermelon is a must try especially if you are an indica lover like me . This bud has a surprisingly sweet, fruity watermelon like taste to it and smokes very well. Was skeptical at first but once I received it I was thrilled, easily one of my tops I’ve ordered.

  5. Crash604 (verified owner)

    100 percent agree with all the reviews. This isn’t as pungent as I thought it might be. It had a creep to it, was easy to roll and burn and definitely tastes good! You do get a sense of that fruity watermelon scent. A great strain for relaxation and I can tell for sleep should there be a need…. Did I mention it creeps on ya?

  6. NickoLaurenzo (verified owner)

    This by far my number one strain fell in love with it a couple years back, this strain is will do the trick anytime you feel down with it’s potent, exotic, extra sweet & tasty buds with a refreshing yet relaxing high!

  7. Steve Stobbart (verified owner)

    Top marks from me tasty smooth and potent would buy again

  8. katmandood (verified owner)

    Really liked this flower. Great taste and potency. Hits fast and continues.

  9. Ingy Dingy (verified owner)

    My new favourite!

  10. karateka_1981 (verified owner)

    By far my new favorite !!!!!! The smell of the buds alone is mouthwatering, and the flavor to match !!!! Burns nicely even when I tried a “J” with some Hash crumbled in……..

  11. JLO

    After trying Cannaessence.ca many great delicious varieties , this is one of my top #5 favorites so far!
    It has amazing watermelon flavor with a gassy smooth taste which is great for my Chronic back pain👌

  12. hoglundrichie (verified owner)

    Great smoke. I loved the flavor and the smoothness of this smoke

  13. kelowa (verified owner)

    Loved this strain. Smells like watermelon 🙂 and tastes exquisite with a very nice high. Will order again for sure

  14. matthewthu327

    Just picked this up the other day in that express delivery. Smells like a watermelon icebreaker, tastes really nice as well. Burns really good, the smoke is as white as a ghost, and the HIGH just creeps up on you when least expected. This strain can be for all smokers, daily, average, or even new timers. This Indica hybrid can be smoked at any time, I chose to smoke this during the evening before bed, since its an Indica dominant hybrid.

  15. fatpat58 (verified owner)

    Same review here … great watermelon taste, smell, and smoke with a really decent high.

  16. jmcmahon357 (verified owner)

    Always great real nice flavour

  17. Paul

    Never stopped loving this strain. Smell, taste (sweet), dense and sticky what else would a person will search for.
    Great indica strain, giving me a relax moment and chill vibes. Excellent for vibing with our great circle of friends.

  18. adamwjcooper (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying I have a high tolerance, I smoke from a bong daily and what I’m looking for in weed is heavy-hitting couch lock.

    I think its very important that I say I do not like the taste of artificial watermelon. That being said WOW this strain is flavorful on another level. I have never smoked a strain that had such a delicious and potent flavor to it before trying this.

    It grinds up fine, which is nice for packing bowls.

    The high itself was just great, very effective for what I needed… This stuff also sells out really fast… thats for a reason, if you see it in stock or on sale you need to try this.

    I would say this got me stoned at around an 8/10 level. Would recommend.

  19. shun (verified owner)

    Very strong and nice flavour.

    Soo sticky I had to clean my grinder every time I grinded it.

    Highly recommend.

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