SALE ~ XO Extracts ~ Premium Full Spectrum Shatter Vape Cartridge (1.0ml)
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SALE ~ XO Extracts ~ Premium Full Spectrum Shatter Vape Cartridge (1.0ml)



NEW Lower Pricing…cuz… 
We really want you to try the XO Premium Shatter Vape for the amazing experience! 😁😁👍

XO Extracts is highly regarded for their professionalism and un-real quality and standards all across Canada. Constantly referred to as one of the best producers of concentrates within the country, XO Extracts thrives to spread their knowledge, one gram at a time!

New fixtures on their menu, Premium Shatter and  Premium Shatter Vape Cartridges by XO Extracts is an exclusive, luxury product guaranteed to impress even the pickiest of concentrate connoisseurs. Premium Shatter by XO Extracts comes in no less than 30 potent and unique strains.

Each Premium Shatter Vape Cartridge comes with 1.0ml of  XO Extracts’ premium grade shatter contained in a high end ceramic core cartridge for a great pull.
All this is packaged within a luxurious boxed packaging.


Earn up to 38 Canna Points.

XO Extractions has proven to provide the best quality concentrates across Canada. All of our products are manufactured in British Columbia where most of the best marijuana comes from. Now in multiple stores in Canada, XO Extractions is becoming more accessible to patients across Canada. Having lab tested most of our products, the results have shown that most of our products have the highest THC of its category in Canada.

 None of the Vapes Products on this website contain PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, or any other non-terpene ingredients.

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Blackberry breath (H) 1.0ml, Blueberry cookies (H) 1.0ml, Deadhead og (H) 1.0ml, Peanut butter breath (H) 1.0ml, Pink cookies (H) 1.0ml, Pink lemonade (H) 1.0ml, Comatose og (I) 1.0ml, Dank Schrader (I) 1.0ml, Death bubba (I) 1.0ml, Island pink kush (I) 1.0ml, Pink comatose (I) 1.0ml, Snoop dogg og (I) 1.0ml, Strawberry shortcake (I) 1.0ml, Hawaiian haze (S) 1.0ml, Lemonade cake (S) 1.0ml, Mango haze (S) 1.0ml, Red Congolese (S) 1.0ml, Strawberry amnesia (S) 1.0ml, Super lemon haze (S) 1.0ml, Tropicana cookies (S) 1.0ml