Microdosing Mushroom Guide

Microdosing Guide

Microdosing is consuming small, sub-perceptible amounts of a psychedelic substance, typically in the range of 50-250mg. This dosage differs from a recreational dose as users are still able to function without any disruptive effects. In fact, many users report an increase in focus, clarity, creativity, and empathy among many other positive changes.

Will microdosing cause hallucinations?

This is one of the most common misconceptions of microdosing. Stimulated visuals typically don’t occur in dosages of less than 1g and visual hallucinations don’t occur in dosages of less than 5g. Since the amount of Psilocybe cubensis in each Mindshroom microdose is a fraction of this, you won’t experience any auditory or visual hallucinations if consumed correctly.

When should I microdose?

Take one Mindshroom microdose capsule once every three days or on an as-needed basis. Taking it too frequently can cause your body to build a tolerance and will lower its efficacy. Pro tip: take it in the morning with coffee and that to-do list won’t stand a chance.

Is microdosing dangerous?

The risk when consuming magic magic mushrooms is low and even lower when doses are kept at a micro level. But like all the amazing things in your life — everything in moderation.

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