These hybrid strains are designed to combine Indica and Sativa chemistry into various products that give more customers more options. Growers cross strains to replicate and continue some of the favorite aspects and diminish or eliminate the disliked qualities.

For instance, users might want something relaxing at night that also does not diminish their mental alertness. Others may want the big psychoactive bang without risking the paranoia and anxiety.

Breeders are also trying to enhance flavors and aromas by adjusting the plant engineering. They want to meet a marketplace that wants everything in an affordable package. And, other breeders seek to create durable and pest- and mildew-resistant growth.

Experiments in hybrid design and farming go on all over the world, and this makes keeping the heritage of stains straight difficult. Getting them straight and understanding their respective botany and chemistry is important to researchers among others studying benefits, effects, and medical applications.

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