Cannabis Sativa is a product of the equatorial climate which explains its tall (up to 20 feet), slender-leafed plants. These large plants produce a much higher yield of powerful weed than Indica plants.

Sativa strains invariably have a high density of THC. And, depending on the respective strain’s balance with CBD, Sativa can pack a wallop. Effects are cerebral, tripping, and possibly paranoiac. The THC density assures creativity and energy and/or euphoria and joy.

Sativa flavors and aromas favor vary across the phenotype, but true Sativas are usually diesels and hazes which assures you diesel aromas with under-tastes of fruit. But, you won’t find the strong, cushy, and sweet fruit touches of the Indica strains.

You will find Sativa invigorating and great for socializing. It’s meant for daytime use, and the milder strains should not hinder creative work and mental focus. This uplift helps those suffering from anxiety and depression putting them at ease with feelings of well-being. And, medical practitioners have recommended it for ADD/ADHD and HIV/AIDS.

Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic reports, “The plant has been studied as a potential treatment for many conditions, including chronic skin disorders, cancer-related weakness and weight loss, chronic pain, Huntington’s disease, sleep disorders, eye disease, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia. The most significant benefits have been seen in the treatment of chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Marijuana may help reduce eye pressure in people who have glaucoma.”

According to, powerful and popular Sativa strains like Afghani, Hindu Kush, and Rebel God Smoke “can make you feel ‘high.’ Also, some users may experience panic attacks, paranoia and anxiety when taking a Sativa strain. These should be avoided if you have social anxiety.”

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