SUPER BOB ~ $59/Oz Back in Stock
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SUPER BOB ~ $59/Oz Back in Stock



FINALLY, yes back in stock again, but will be gone pretty quick as usual!!

This is Premium ~ Super BOB that gets you medicated on the cheap!
NOW restocked almost every day!!!

(17 customer reviews)

In stock

Blend of bottoms of our premium bags stored with  Boveda packs. Nothing else!
Super Deal for getting medicated on the cheap. You are not paying a premium for the appearance, so you get a much bigger bang for your bucks. Its the  small buds and shake only.

Smoke it, bake it,  extract it, cook it.. whatever… gets you quite medicated on the cheap!!


Limited Quantity at $59/oz

This is one of those deals… if you see it, get it or most likely it’ll be gone shortly after…



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17 reviews for SUPER BOB ~ $59/Oz Back in Stock

  1. Leopold (verified owner)

    Looks good with a couple decent sized buds. A couple of them look really tasty, can’t wait to get to them. First bud I pulled did the trick. Decent potency. Smoked smooth and clean. Flavour was mild. I’m happy with the purchase. Definitely worth the price.

  2. bradlyrcooper (verified owner)

    Love Super Bob has lots of tasty flowers always a new smoke everytime I pull a nug out thanks again for decent products at awesome pricing

  3. namgis11 (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for the price

  4. Lochann007 (verified owner)

    For the price you can’t go wrong with this I just got mine today and was impressed I got all nice looking but small nuggets what I tried had great taste and and a nice buzz. Will be getting more of this

  5. namgis11 (verified owner)

    I had to order some more it’s good for its price

  6. thejunglekid (verified owner)

    The item description is just perfect, very nice BOB, well kept and not too old. Decent potency and you get to smoke different strains. Buying again

  7. Ichomancer (verified owner)

    For me personally I think this is just about the perfect product here! Every toke is different and unique, I’m paying a good price for good bud. The only thing is I wish I could get an oz of it haha!

  8. fulk247 (verified owner)

    Great Product! A mix of tasty tiny nugs and shake that gets you high for CHEAP! bigger buds are distiguishable in vairiety. Will definately order again.

  9. naeth_s (verified owner)

    I just recieved my order of bob. Smoked one and was pleased with the good bud and also the amount for the price. Will definately buy again. Good deal

  10. fatpat58 (verified owner)

    Super Bob is decent smoke at a discount price. I like sorting through the smalls looking for the same colours.

  11. Grey (verified owner)

    I order tholis everytime it’s in stock. Each J is unique. Good price for great smoke.

  12. shun (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price.

    Just as explained, gets you medicated on the cheap.


  13. Darryl Schell (verified owner)

    Ordered oz b.o.b. .
    Picked out over 10 gs of some different kinds of killer buds, very impressive. The taste and smells are incredible..n the rest is nearly ground up buds n shake… stems to mention.
    Recommended all day n all nite long ….
    Cheers 🧨

  14. daniellesider (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck!!!

  15. nana-mckinney (verified owner)

    Excellent little packages ..I have order an oz on two occasions. Each one full of sunshine and surprises. Day time use or night time helps with chronic inflamation. Diffinitly a pretty good smoke for the price . Will be placing a 3rd order shortly.

  16. lentutor (verified owner)

    For the price, it’s hard to find a better smoke. Each bud is different which is part of the fun. It makes for a good daily weed.

  17. michealgreene2 (verified owner)

    High folks! Super happy I tried this BOB! Obviously it didn’t look great upon arrival but once I opened the bag it smelled amazing! All fruity and dank! Not dry at all! Was hoping I’d get a pile of kief at the bottom but I’m guessing it has been screened for trichomes before. But the buds had a light coating of sugar. Got around a quarter ounce of small medium nugs. Lots of different strains. Decent potency and you never know what you are gonna get. Best for edibles in my opinion. I will get this again and I definitely recommend! Cheers✌️

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