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High Voltage Extracts Live Resin is a premium AAAA+ concentrate that is curated by one of the best local producers of concentrates in British Columbia. This highly esteemed group of extraction artists have gained recognition for their concentrates most recently by taking multiple 1st Place awards at Karma Cup 2019. Using their proprietary methods and techniques, HVE is able to create a concentrate that retains the delicate terpenes, cannabinoids and essence of every phenotype and strain-specific flower(s) they extract. Their top of the line live resin is known to deliver an intense and long-lasting high with an uplifting and psychoactive experience.

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Earn up to 45 Canna Points.



Potent, Terpene Rich Extracts.

Crafted on Vancouver Island.

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Romulan (I), Orange Valley OG (H), Pineapple Chunk (IDH), Krazy Glue (BH), Bruce Banner (SDH), Congo (SDH), Death Bubba (IDH), Nuken (I), Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (IDH), Sour Diesel (SDH), Great White Shark (I), Scout Master (SDH), Gorilla Glue (IDH), Gorilla Bomb (SDH), Lime Tuna (SDH), MK Ultra (I), Sherbet (IDH), Watermelon Breath (IDH), Purple White Lightening (IDH), 10th Planet (IDH), Canuk Cookie (IDH), Canuk x DSD (IDH), Gelato (IDH), Lemon OG Haze (SDH), Marionberry Kush (IDH), Papaya Punch (IDH), Peyote Cookies (I), POTG x RBX (IDH), Tropical Glue Cookies (H)

3 reviews for Live Resin AAAA+ ~ High Voltage Extracts

  1. namgis11 (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff pretty potent definitely ordering more try different kind next time but I really like it

  2. Hoogierize

    Product: Cheese Quake live resin

    This strain was quite pungent. I actually really love this smell, it reminds me of a pungent cheese with blueberry undertones for some reason! I have recently ordered the WiFi OG sauce twice before, from the same company, and I can say that the quality has been both consistent and supreme.
    As for the smoke test…. IT WAS AWESOME! I really enjoyed this one, the taste really comes through distinctly. ( note I use a dab rig, but i’m sure t would be just as tasty out of a dab pen)

    I really enjoyed this indica dominant hybrid. great taste and smell. 5/5 would recommend.

  3. fulk247 (verified owner)

    Been dabbing on this for a while now. It vapes great and tastes clean.

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Live Resin AAAA+ ~ High Voltage Extracts
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