Vertex 510 Slim Variable Voltage Preheating Vape Pen Battery & Charger
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Vertex 510 Slim Variable Voltage Preheating Vape Pen Battery & Charger



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Customize your experience with the Vertex Vape Pen and its Variable Voltage settings.

This is a more advanced pen vape battery than the pen vape batteries with  all-important preheat function for thick oils

  • Preheat Function (Very Important Function for thick oils)
  • Variable Voltage ~ 3 voltage settings with different coloured leds
  • High mah battery for long lasting pwer before charging.
  • Random colours: Red, White, Silver, Black & Blue
  • Buy 2 Vape pens & get an EXTRA CHARGER INCLUDED FREE ($5.60 value)


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Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 Battery

The Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 battery is a great vape battery for oil and e-liquid vapers. The Vertex Vape Pen features a 350mah capacity and variable voltage settings. Adjust your settings based on the type of eliquid or oil you are vaping. For higher end or ceramic cartridges you should adjust your voltage to at least 3.7 volts. The Vertex Vape Pen is designed for the beginner who is looking into vape products and wants something affordable, discreet and simple-to-use. This battery is one of the most slim batteries on the market. When you are ready to vape, hold down the button and inhale on your cartridge. The Vertex is the perfect vape for pre-filled cartridges. Simply screw your cartridge onto the Vertex battery and you are ready to begin vaping.

Click the fire button 3 times to scroll through 3 voltage settings:

  • Green=3.4V
  • Blue=3.7V
  • Red=4.0V

Package Contents:

  • 1x Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 Battery
  • 1x USB Charger



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